Fire in Colombo destroys 80 houses

Fire in Colombo destroys 80 houses
Fire in Colombo destroys 80 houses

Around 80 houses had been destroyed due to a major fire erupted in a housing scheme at Kajimawatte area in Thotalanga area (Colombo District) last night (September 27) according to the police. Out of the 80 houses that were affected due to the fire 60 houses had been completely destroyed, the Police have stated.

No one was injured due to the fire which had spread rapidly among the houses which sheltered 220 persons, the Police had revealed.

Twelve fire trucks belonging to the Fire services department in Colombo had been deployed to douse the fire which occurred around 7:30 p.m. last night and within one hour the fire men had managed to douse the fire.

Those who are being displaced due to the incident have been provided with temporary shelters at Kelani Nadee Temple and Community center in Modara area. The reason for the fire has not yet been revealed.

Government Analyst is scheduled to be arrived at the affected area today (September 28) to find out the cause of the fire. Meanwhile President Ranil Wikramasinghe who is in Japan to attend the funeral of former Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe had instructed the President’s secretary Saman Ekanayake to provide relief to those who had affected due to the fire.


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