Dhoni hangs his gloves from international cricket

Dhoni hangs his gloves from international cricket

Greatest Indian cricket captain has called it a day from international cricket. Mahendra Singh Dhoni announced his retirement on Independence Day through an Instagram post.

Greatest Indian captain has called it from international cricket on Independence Day. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has announced his retirement from international cricket on Saturday through Instagram. He silently walked away without any hype or any grand exit from the game he loved.

It is an irony that his career began and ended with a run-out. All his fans and in fact every cricket fan prayed that the run-out should not remain the last memory of him in Indian colors. But as unpredictable as he is, did the unexpected thing in the most unexpected way.

He posted “Thanks – Thanks a lot for ur love and support throughout.from 1929 hrs consider me as Retired”

Every decision he made was a sensation. The way he retired from test cricket is still a shock to every cricket fan around the globe. This decision too came as a shock as he announced all of a sudden amid rumors and his silence for over a year

Smashing International Debut

When anyone talks about the debut of MS Dhoni, they remember the run-out in his first match against Bangladesh in 2004. But it didn’t take much time for him to make an impact in the game. His smashing debut century against Pakistan in Visakhapatnam announced his arrival in a grand style. His innings of 148 saw some unbelievable and powerful shots that reminded everyone that India got an aggressive cricketer.

But it was his 183* against Sri Lanka that cemented the fact that he is the future of Indian cricket and he is there is stay. It became the highest individual score by any wicket-keeper in the world and it still is. He surpassed Adam Gilchrist’s 172 to achieve this feat.

King of Wicket-keeping

The one problem that Team India had before Dhoni’s debut was wicket-keeping. India didn’t have a standard keeper for a very long time. The management experimented with Parthiv Patel, Dinesh Karthik, and Rahul Dravid. Though keeping was fine with Parthiv and Dinesh their batting became a concern. Keeping responsibility became a burden for Rahul Dravid.

At the time of crisis, India and Saurav Ganguly decided to give Dhoni a chance to prove his abilities. After debut, his dynamic batting became a positive aspect and it gave the team much-needed balance. But it was his wicket-keeping abilities that attracted many fans and experts.

MS Dhoni is always lightning behind the stumps. His technique as a keeper is always questioned but his abilities were never doubted. He has his own unique technique and style whether its batting or wicket-keeping. He has the record for most stumpings and also the fastest stumping in world cricket. He is the most successful wicket-keeper ever for India and one of the all-time great in international cricket.

He is the inspiration for many upcoming wicket-keepers not only in India but also around the world. Players like Jos Butler from England, Mohammed Shahzad of Afghanistan, and many more were inspired by him and idolizes him

Captain cool

MS Dhoni can be considered as the greates Indian captain. Many may argue this and oppose this as there are many great captains for India over the years. But he will remain the greatest because all those great captains considered and quoted his the greatest.

He is the only cricketer to have all the ICC trophies to his name including test championship. The way he led the young Indian team to victory in 2007 T20I world cup, the way he finished the finals of the 2011 World cup with the epic six and fulfilled Sachin’s and also billions of Indians dreams and the perfect way he led the team to win 2013 ICC Champions trophy will remain in history of Indian and World Cricket.

When you ask any cricketer about Dhoni they will say, he has the best cricketing brain. His strategies, his ideas and spontaneity on the field are most of the time perfect. Being a wicket keeper he has the best view of the field and his mind makes it more potent.

He never panicked in any situation. Most of his career he maintained his coolness and calmness on the field and remained and will remain as his mark. He always encouraged and motivated youngsters. All the stars in current Indian cricketers were backed by him in their early days. He gave Virat Kohli that long run in his mediocre debut and he promoted Rohit Sharma to opening and turned his career completely. They themselves agree to this. But he never talks about himself or about his achievements.

Greatest Finisher

MS Dhoni will remain the greatest finisher in world cricket. His record as a finisher speaks for him and he redifined Indian cricket while chasing. He is always cool and he likes to take the game deep. That was his style and that became his style even in his career.

He finished his test career in silence. He gave up captaincy in silence. Ultimetly he retired from International cricket in silence. It just took one Instagram post to silence over a year long speculations.

Indian cricket and World cricket will miss Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Dhoni finishes off in his style.


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