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Dhoni hangs his gloves from international cricket

Greatest Indian cricket captain has called it a day from international cricket. Mahendra Singh Dhoni announced his retirement on Independence Day...

`Krishna’ Invites Dhoni’s Daughter Ziva For Festival

Ziva gets a special invite from Krishna temple after she sung a Malayalam song in praise of the presiding deity of Ambalapuzha. The famous Ambalapuzha...

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, The `Final’ Man

If you want your team to enter the final of a T20 event, sign on Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Captain or not, he will lead...

Why Dhoni Decided to Give up Captaincy?

Known for his brevity, M S Dhoni sent a one-line message last night to the BCCI when he said  I offer to resign as...


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