Kumble Episode: First The Blunder, Now The Cover-up

Kumble Episode First The Blunder- Now The Cover-up

After committing a blunder, cricket administrators are on a cover-up bid in the Anil Kumble episode.

Kumble Episode First The Blunder- Now The Cover-upUsing the media to spread something is not new or surprising as far as the cricket administrators are concerned. Now they are using portions of a pliant media to cover-up on an earlier blunder.

India coach Anil Kumble made headlines when he sought a pay hike for himself, a special allowance for the captain etc. The proposals even became a joke with people even asking him to propose allowances for wearing a pad, helmet, etc.

His contract was up for renewal and the Board of Control for Cricket in India, or the Committee Of Administrators, apparently stung by the demands, called for fresh applications. Kumble too had to apply afresh, they said.

Kumble Episode First The Blunder- Now The Cover-upNow sections of the cricket-compliant media have put out a story that it was the COA which asked Kumble to put forward plans and proposals for salaries and other allowances.

The story also goes on to say that after all Kumble or the BCCI will not decide but it has to be finally approved by the COA.

This is nothing but a face-saving ploy employed by those in authority for the entire episode has blown in their faces.

Kumble Episode First The Blunder- Now The Cover-upWhether or not Kumble himself put forth the proposals, accepting them would mean putting Kumble on a higher pedestal. Not agreeing to it would displease the coach. Not renewing his contract would be worse as he has been very successful.

So the best way out of the entire tamasha is to put the onus on themselves and give the impression that Kumble, after all, was acting at the behest of the COA.

Probably, his contract will be extended and most probably status quo will continue vis-a-vis allowances.

Kumble Episode First The Blunder- Now The Cover-upJustice Lodha had expressed his displeasure with the COA asking them to concentrate on administration and implementing the reforms as desired by the Supreme Court and not meddle with management.

It is surprising that despite the Lodha Commission suggesting reforms and the Supreme Court  accepting them in toto, the COA, appointed by the SC till the reforms are carried out or to ensure that they are, is trying to function exactly in the manner the BCCI did before the Lodha panel came into the picture.

Unless the SC and Justice Lodha put their foot down and direct the COA to carry out the reform implementation, officials of the cricket board will play back room games to give even the apex court and Justice Lodha  a bad name, seething as they already are by the proposed reforms. The first step would be to ask the COA not to initiate any new measures, particularly related to finances.

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