India must raise ‘boycott Pakistan’ call in all sporting activity

India must raise ‘boycott Pakistan’ call in all sporting activity

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) withdrew its invitation to South Africa to the  1964 Summer Olympic Games. South Africa was formally expelled from the IOC in 1970.

India must raise ‘boycott Pakistan’ call in all sporting activityIn 1976, African nations demanded that New Zealand be suspended by the IOC for continued contacts with South Africa, including a tour by their national rugby union team. When the IOC refused, the African teams withdrew from the games. This contributed to the Gleneagles Agreement being adopted by the Commonwealth nations in 1977.

India must raise ‘boycott Pakistan’ call in all sporting activityThe Gleneagles Agreement also led Nigeria to initiate a boycott of the 1986 Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh, from which 32 of 59 eligible teams withdrew.

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South Africa won the 1974 Davis Cup by default after India refused to travel to South Africa for the final in protest against their apartheid policy.

The International Cricket Council imposed a moratorium on tours with SA.

India-must-raise ‘boycott-Pakistan’ call in all sporting activity-News-Time-NowThese are just a few examples of how sports organizations and nations have taught others bitter lessons when they have defaulted in their international policies and relations.

In fact, as the ICC had banned South Africa and only re-admitted them in 1990 after apartheid came to an end there, there were a lot of rebel tours from England, New Zealand etc to South Africa. One such tour was planned in Bangalore in the 1970s when the England team was touring India.

India-must-raise ‘boycott-Pakistan’ call in all sporting activity-News-Time-Now
ICC Head Office

Don’t forget, the US leda boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics over the to protest the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan and the Soviet union retaliated by doing the same with a Communist-bloc boycott of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

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With Afghanistan now being hit repeatedly by terror groups supported by Pakistan, why should any nation permit sporting ties with Pakistan ?

The point is, there is nothing new in nations boycotting sporting events and other nations due to social and political reasons.

India must raise ‘boycott Pakistan’ call in all sporting activityWhen terrorism has reach disastrous proportions around the World and it is no secret that many terrorists and terror organizations are being harbored in Pakistan, why are the very same IOC, FIFA, FIH, ITF, ICC etc. turning a blind eye and permitting Pakistan to play at the international level in any sport, not just cricket.

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It’s time india took the lead in boycotting Pakistan. Politically, India were very successful in alienating Pakistan from the SAARC Summit. All SAARC nations supported India. Why should India not do the same as far as sporting ventures are concerned?

India must raise ‘boycott Pakistan’ call in all sporting activityIf India could bar all Pakistani players from participating in the IPL T20 cricket tournament, what prevents the Indian Olympic Association and the cricket board from calling for boycott of Pakistan.

India must raise ‘boycott Pakistan’ call in all sporting activityTrue, bilateral ties are different from international tournaments. But then India can always concede the match against Pakistan, face the consequences by way of fine etc. That way the message will be loud and clear not only to Pakistan but for others to follow suit as well.

India must raise ‘boycott Pakistan’ call in all sporting activityIt’s something that needs to be done immediately. If not, banning Pakistani players from the IPL will have no meaning. The PMO must direct the Sports Ministry to initiate ‘boycott Pakistan moves as soon as possible.

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