Award Winning Actor Attacked on Cyberspace For Eating Beef


Award winning actor Surabhi Lakshmi was attacked on Cyberspace for eating beef during a TV programme.


Award winning actor Surabhi Lakshmi was attacked on social media and cyberspace for eating beef during a TV show on Onam day.

Malayalam  news channel Media One TV had organised a special programme during Thiruvonam day in which one of the special guests was Surabhi Lakshmi. During the special programme, she was seen eating beef and parotta.

Immediately, vigilantes on social media pounced on her and the TV channels showering abuse and threats.

Extreme right Hindu groups accused Lakshmi and the TV channel of purposefully attacking the culture.

Consuming non-veg dishes along with Onasadya is a common practice in north Kerala while it is a strict vegetarian affair in central and southern parts of the state. Without knowing this, Cyber warriors spewed venom on Lakshmi alleging that she and the channel had hurt the sanctity of Onam festival.

Meanwhile, the Kerala State Youth Commission has asked the state police chief to initiate action against the organized cyber-attack.

 “The organized cyberattack is an encroachment into the cultural diversity of our country and it hurts freedom of individuals. Such campaigns will create repercussions in society and the police need to be guarded against those,” Youth Commission chairperson Chintha Jerome said in her order.


Surabhi Lakshmi (her real name is Surabhi CM) is a television and stage actor who won the National Film Award for Best Actress for the Malayalam film Minnaminungu at the 64th National Film Awards.


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