Another Shame: 2 Men Lynched By Cattle Brigade

Angry mob allegedly lynch two Muslim men in Jharkhand

Angry mob allegedly lynch two Muslim men in Jharkhand on suspicion of stealing cattle.

Cow vigilantism is back, this time in Jharkhand’s Godda district when an angry mob allegedly lynched two Muslim men on suspicion of stealing cattle.

The incident happened on Wednesday morning. Police said residents of Dullu village caught hold of the two victims – Sirabuddin Ansari (35) and Murtaza Ansari (30). They were accused of stealing 13 buffaloes from one Munshi Murmu on Tuesday night.

“Villagers claim that that they found the missing buffaloes in the possession of the two people in Bankatti area. They were beaten to death,” said Godda superintendent of police Rajiv Kumar Singh.

Angry mob allegedly lynch two Muslim men in JharkhandMurmu and three others – identified as Kaleshwar Soren, Kishan Tudu and Harjohan Kisku – have been arrested in this connection.

Cow vigilantism had subsided after Prime Minister Narendra Modi had admonished fly-by-night cow lovers who are criminals in disguise. Last year, a number of Muslim cattle traders were lynched in BJP-ruled Jharkhand. A court recently gave life sentences to 11 persons in connection with the incident. In May, a mob lynched four Muslim cattle traders at a village in Saraikelka Kharswan district after accusing them of child-trafficking.

People have scant respect for law. Death is the first and final word when a person is caught – even if through rumours.


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