BJP Leaders Suspect Vaastu Behind Defeats

BJP Leaders Suspect Vaastu Behind Defeats

Some BJP leaders consider party defeats were due to Vaastu issues in new party HQ.

It is not demonetisation or rising fuel prices that were responsible for a string of defeats at the recent elections for the BJP; it is Vaastu.

That is what some BJP leaders are believing. Since the party shifted are its new sprawling headquarters in Delhi, the BJP has been losing byelections and state assembly polls. This has made some old timers blame Vaastu.

The new party HQ was billed as the biggest political party HQ in the world with an area of over 1.70 lakh square feet. The building was constructed in record time.

Designed by a Mumbai-based architect firm, the HQ was inaugurated on February 18. When the party was in its old and `lucky’ HQ, the BJP won almost all elections after Narendra Modi became Prime Minister in 2014. But after shifting to the new new building on Deendayal Marg, not only has the party been losing, but the popularity of Modi too has been on the decline.

Some leaders have reportedly asked the party leadership to return to the ‘lucky’ old party office on 11 Ashoka Road.


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