Amid lockdown, BJP MLA holds biryani mela for supporters

Amid lockdown, BJP MLA holds biryani mela for supporters

Bengaluru: Flouting all  norms of the lockdown and throwing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s repeated appeals on the need to remain indoors to the winds, BJP lawmaker Masale Jayaram held a birthday bash and a ‘biryani mela’ for his supporters in his native village of Idagoor in Tumakuru district in Karnataka on Friday.

And ironically, the MLA gave a speech to his supporters on corona virus and the need for social distancing even as his supporters jostled and pushed each other for a plate full of steaming hot biryani. There were several children in the crowd.

Jayaram represents the Turuvekere Assembly constituency in Tumakuru district, a district that has numerous Covid 19 cases and one positive coronavirus patient died last week.

Amid lockdown, BJP MLA holds biryani mela for supporters

None of the MLA’s supporters wore masks. Many of them jostled for feeding the lawmaker a piece of cake him and pose for selfies with him.

As the villagers were enjoying the biryani and making a ruckus, the lawmaker told his supporters: “We do not know how the virus spreads. Social distancing is vital. Please wash your hands regularly with warm water.”

Jayaram said he would distribute face masks in the village very soon.

It is not known if the lawmaker sought permission from the police to hold the bash. Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa and other senior BJP leaders refused to comment.

Meanwhile, authorities sealed two wards in the heart of Bengaluru where there was fresh outbreak of COVID 19 even as 10 new cases were reported in the state taking the total to 207 with 6 deaths so far and 34 discharges.

Of the 10 new cases, two each were from Bengaluru Urban and Bengaluru Rural, five from Mysuru and one from Kalburgi. 


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