Height of Love: Gujarat Jeweller Puts Hijack Note To Get His Girlfriend

Height of Love: Gujarat Jeweller Puts Hijack Note To Get His Girlfriend

A Gujarat millionaire married jeweller stuck a hijack note in a plane’s toilet which raised an alarm – all for love and his girlfriend.

Height of Love: Gujarat Jeweller Puts Hijack Note To Get His GirlfriendIn hijack history, this one must be one of the most bizarre. Birju Kishore Salla, a stinkingly rich millionaire jeweller from Mumbai, stuck a hijack note in the toilet of a Mumbai-Delhi Jet Airways flight because he wanted his girlfriend to quit the airline and live with him!

Salla, just 38, is no ordinary guy. He is a frequent flyer and always travels in a business class. The hijack note may be a prank, but the tough new anti-hijacking law can see him spend the rest of his life in a jail. His property can be seized under the law. Unless, ofcourse, his lawyers are able to prove that he is one nut loose or his wealth can bail him out.

Salla told the police after his arrest that he planted the threatening note so that Jet Airways could shut down and his girlfriend in the Delhi-based office of the airline would quit her job and to stay with him in Mumbai.

Height of Love-Gujarat Jeweller Puts Hijack Note To Get His Girlfriend-News Time NowBut Salla, a multi-millionaire from Dedan village of Gujarat’s Amreli district, is a married man. He lives on the 15th floor of Shreepati Arcade, a highrise in Mumbai’s Nana Chowk with his 70-year- old father Kishore Salla, mother Minal Salla, 54, and wife Ishika Salla, 34.

This is not the first time that Salla has played a prank with Jet Airways. Last year he had allegedly carried a cockroach with him on a Jet Airways flight and raised a hue and cry that he found the roach in his business class meal.

Investigations revealed that he had planted the cockroach in the meal. He got away after he promised that he will not play any more pranks.

It may be recalled that on Monday morning, the Jet Airways flight 9W339 took off a little before 3 am from Mumbai and was soon diverted to Ahmedabad after an air-hostess found the printed note in Urdu and English in a washroom.

Height of Love: Gujarat Jeweller Puts Hijack Note To Get His GirlfriendThe carefully typewritten note in Urdu and English was hidden in a tissue paper roll in the lavatory, which a crew member found and informed the pilot about it. It suggested that there was a bomb in the cargo hold of the plane, and said 12 hijackers were on board, and the aircraft should not land and be flown straight to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. The typed note ended with words, “Allah is Great”.

The reference to PoK raised doubts among investigating agencies as people in PoK refer to their region as Azad Kashmir. So, the police knew that it was the job of an Indian.

Earlier, Salla had had told the police that he `played a prank' after an airhostess rejected his overtures.

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Sources said that being a frequent flier and a privileged customer, he had earned himself several privilege miles that he could redeem while paying for tickets. He had accumulated so many miles that he could buy around 70 tickets. The flier was travelling on a ticket worth Rs 25K to Delhi for meeting a client.

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