Ram Temple fringe groups and Oppn Parties should now shut up

Ram Temple fringe groups and Oppn Parties should now shut up

Ram Temple fringe groups and Oppn Parties should now shut up

These groups should hear the sane voice of PM Narendra Modi. 

For quite some time, extreme right groups have been trying to stoke the sentiments of the people on the issue of building a temple for Lord Ram at Ayodhya; they have been provoking the government while thumbing their nose at the Supreme Court which is hearing the land dispute connected with the temple.

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The Opposition parties too have been blaming the Prime Minister and the Union Government for these fringe groups which, in the first place, does not belong to the BJP – the party that is in power in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.

Apart from these two groups, parties like the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra have been in the forefront on the Ram temple issue, wanting the mandir to be constructed without waiting for a court verdict, if need be so.

Ram Temple fringe groups and Oppn Parties should now shut up
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has now answered these rooftop howlers effectively. “I want to tell these ”bayan bahadurs aur badbole log’ (loudmouths) to have some respect for the legal system and the courts”.

He was addressing an election campaign in Maharashtra.

In fact, Uddhav Thackeray, the Shiv Sena chief and a poll partner of the BJP in Maharashtra, had recently said that “the way government is working, our hopes have increased as to the construction of the Ram temple at Ayodhya. Now, there is no point in waiting anymore.” 

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Thackeray was referring to the sweeping government action to end the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and bifurcate it into two states and hoped that such a swift and decisive action will come on the temple issue too.

But Modi, without naming Thackeray, said such talk is “anaap shaap” (rubbish). “I urge you and request you with folded hands not to make such immature and unnecessary statements… The matter is in the topmost court of country. Have faith and let them carry out the process as they deem best,” he said addressing a rally at Nashik.

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Time has come for all the loudmouths to shut up and leave the temple issue to the Supreme Court which is currently giving daily hearings to the title suit on the 60-year-old temple-mosque dispute. It is also the duty of the court to complete the process before October 18. The judgment has to be delivered before Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi retires on November 17, or the entire process will go into re-start mode. This will be disastrous.

While the extreme right groups should now keep quiet, Thackeray should give up his flawed idea of bypassing the legal process while trying to mount pressure on the government for an executive order so that the temple construction could begin. This is a foolish and dangerous step. Ayodhya is not Kashmir. 

The Supreme Court too should, at least his time, not postpone a verdict. The matter has been hanging fire 60 years. Lord Ram may have patience, not his devotees. 


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