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Rajiv Gandhi Never Visited Ramjanmbhoomi, Didn’t Lay Foundation: VHP Leader

VHP President Alok Kumar rejected Digvijay Singh's claim that former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had laid the foundation stone of the...

Google to invest Rs 75,000 crore to boost digitisation in India

The investment will focus on four areas important to India’s digitisation– first enabling affordable access to information to every Indian in...

Amid lockdown, BJP MLA holds biryani mela for supporters

Flouting all norms of the lockdown and throwing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s repeated appeals on the need to remain indoors to the winds, BJP lawmaker Masale Jayaram held a birthday bash and a ‘biryani mela’ for his supporters in his native village of Idagoor in Tumakuru district in Karnataka on Friday.

Modi gives scientists a ‘new formula’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said his government is making all efforts to "effectively use Information Technology to reduce red tape" and ensure "ease of doing of science".

Ram Temple fringe groups and Oppn Parties should now shut up

Ram Temple fringe groups and Oppn Parties should now shut up These groups should hear the sane voice...

Modi has his say on Kashmir at meeting with Trump

Washington/Paris: Though India figured just as a blip on the radar at the G-7 summit in Biarritz in France, the significance of...

Creation of Chief of Defence Staff A Message to Pak, China

One of the key announcements made in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence Day this year was the announcement on the creation of the post of Chief of Defence Staff or CDS.

Will Narendra Modi Be a Different Leader?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a subdued man when he made his victory speech at the BJP headquarters here Thursday evening. The fizz that was evident after his 2014 election win was missing. He was more sober, introspective, mellowed and showed signs of being accommodative.

Why Congress Lost in Lok Sabha Election

Rahul Gandhi launched a vicious personal campaign against Prime Minister Narendra Modi New Delhi: One of the prime reasons...

Modi To Chair High-Power Meet as NDA Sweeps Polls

NDA does better than 2014 polls leading in 343 seats, UPA in 94. New Delhi: A victorious Prime Narendra...


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