Old Poor-Looking Man Ignored at Bike Shop, Shows Up Cash Money and Ends Up Buying Harley Davidson Worth 12 Lakhs.

Old Poor-Looking Man Ignored at Bike Shop, Shows Up Cash Money and Ends Up Buying Harley Davidson Worth 12 Lakhs.

In Thailand, one person taught a lot of lessons to the bike showroom owners. Actually, showroom employees were not allowing that person to come in as a beggar. But as soon as that person bought a bike worth Rs 12 lakh standing there, then all the people realized their mistake.

Pattaya: It is said that one should not guess about someone’s clothes. Something similar happened to an elderly person from Thailand. When he was standing at the bar of a bike showroom watching the bike. When he started going inside the showroom, the guard pushed him out as a beggar. But after some time a man like that beggar bought a bike worth Rs 12 lakh from this showroom. Actually, pictures of an elderly man named Thailand’s Lung Decha are going viral on social media. In it, he looks like a beggar or a labourer, but the funny thing is that this beggar-looking person bought a Harley Davidson motorcycle worth Rs 12 lakh, that too by paying cash.

Let us know that on seeing Lung Decha‘s condition, no one feels that he is a beggar. The employees thought that he was a beggar, so they ignored it. Lung arrived inside the showroom after inspecting from outside the showroom for about 15-20 minutes, Lung told the employee there that he had to buy a motorcycle. Salesperson knew that this beggar was not going to leave here. So he asked Lung to go out in a stern tone.

But Lung was adamant and he wanted to meet the manager of the showroom. Lung also had a bag in his hands. Everyone present in the showroom surrounded Lung. Everyone was thinking that he is a beggar or laborer. He was repeatedly talking about buying a bike, so some people started laughing at him. Seeing the most laughing, Lung shouted that I want to meet the manager and the showroom owner came out. Then the employees told him the whole thing.

The owner of the showroom tried to convince Lung, Lung asked him to buy the bike, the owner of the showroom showed him Harley-Davidson and told that it cost around Rs 12 lakh. After that Lung took out 12 lakh cash from his bag and put it in front. Seeing this, everyone was shocked and realized their mistake.


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