Hope On The Way: Here’s What You Need To Know About India’s COVID-19 Vaccine Plan

Hope On The Way: Here’s What You Need To Know About India’s COVID-19 Vaccine Plan

Covid-19 Vaccine Live Updates: The whole world is waiting for the coronavirus vaccine. But before the introduction of the vaccine, people have many questions in their mind. Will the vaccine prevent corona infection. After getting the vaccine dose, it will be confirmed that there will be no corona. How many doses of vaccine will be given to a person. How Corona vaccine will be distributed in India.

Bangalore: The way the polling booths are set up during the elections in the world’s largest democracy, India has a plan to make booths for the vaccine. According to information received from sources to CNBC Awaaz, the central government may initially spend Rs 18,000 crore on the vaccine, 1 dose of corona vaccine is expected to cost Rs 210. It is believed that teams will be formed like polling booths. A strategy will be prepared at the block level. Government and private doctors will be given special responsibility for this campaign. Along with the efforts of public participation, they will be given the necessary training.

Large scale vaccination campaigns are conducted in India, 60 percent of the vaccines are made around the world and there are half a dozen vaccine manufacturers, including Serum Institute of India Private Limited, the world’s largest vaccine maker. It is not surprising that the Government of India wishes to deliver the Kovid-19 vaccine to billions of people. India plans to make 500 million doses of vaccine and vaccinate 25 crore people by July next year.

Sources said that 30 crore people will be vaccinated in the first phase. Two doses of vaccine have to be applied. In such a situation, it is expected to cost 210 rupees on one dose and 420 rupees on two doses. 50 thousand crore rupees can be spent on vaccination in large numbers. However, the price of the corona vaccine has not been decided yet.

Initially, 30 crore people will be vaccinated – Sources said that according to the government’s mission vaccine, initially there is a plan to put 300 million vaccines in India. Preparations are being given to vaccinate health workers, frontline workers and senior citizens on a priority basis. In the first phase, the vaccine will be given through SMS, the date, time and place of vaccination will be given. The message will also name the institute and health worker giving the vaccine.

How many doses of the vaccine are necessary?

So far, all the vaccines have reached the final stage, two doses have been applied. Therefore it is believed that two doses are necessary for the corona vaccine. The way the Health Ministry is also preparing for the vaccine, it is also being estimated that two doses of the vaccine will be necessary.

How to monitor vaccination?

The Ministry has prepared Corona Vaccine Intelligence Network to put both doses at the right time. This is a changed version of the electronic vaccine intelligence network launched in 2015. This system has proved very effective in delivering the vaccine to millions of children without any hindrance. After the first dose is given, SMS will be sent for the second dose. When the vaccination is complete, a digital QR based certificate will also be generated. This certificate will be proof of vaccine introduction.

When will everyone get the vaccine?

It will take about five to six months to reach the vaccine to the common man. Because so far all the vaccines that have been successful in the third phase of trials are expected to start mass production only next year. However, the Modi government has now asked states to set up cold storage chains for vaccines.


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