Sasikala Becomes VVIP In Jail With An Attached Kitchen


Karnataka is known for its bribe culture. From a steel bridge to a cosy life behind bars, anything can be bought. Sasikala just proved this.

SasikalaAIADMK general secretary VK Sasikala is back in news. This time D Roopa, the DIG of Prisons and the high security Parapanagrahara Jail in Bengaluru, shot off a letter alleging that Sasikala paid a bribe of Rs 2 crore to get a special kitchen for getting her favourite dishes cooked and for VIP facilities.

Roopa wrote the letter to her boss Director General and Inspector General (DG&IG) of police RK Dutta and marked a CC to DG (prisons) Sathyanarayana Rao.

Fearing that her letter may be supressed as the bribes were being paid to senior jail officials, Roopa took to social media to reproduce the charges.

In her letter, she said Sasikala is being allowed to use a separate cooking room where her favourite dishes are prepared.

Similarly, stamp paper scam kingpin Abdul Karim Telgi is provided undertrials as aides.

An embarrassed Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah ordered a high-level probe on Thursday into the allegations.

DIG Roopa
DIG (Prisons) D. Roopa and IG (Prisons) Satyanarayana Rao

Satyanarayana Rao denied Roopa’s charges, but most people in the know of things say that the high security prison is actually a high bribe centre. There is a bribe to be paid right from visiting prisoners to special facilities. Of course, everything comes with a price tag and the booty is shared.

Karnataka is known for its bribe culture. A few months back, a disastrous steel bridge in the heart of Bengaluru had to be put off as there were charges of huge money being paid as bribe to the ruling party, the Congress.

From land deals to getting sanctions, bribes are freely given and taken. One can even gobble up a few lakes sitting across a table over dinner by exchanging wads of notes.

Karnataka needs a make-over.


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