Media In Kerala Crucifies Dileep Even Before Judicial Trial Begins


The media in Kerala, especially television channels, has turned into hounds in hunting down Actor Dileep even before judicial process begins.

Media hounding personalities is nothing new in Kerala. In 1994, the media, headed by two powerful houses – Manorama and Mathrubhumi – hounded, hunted and sent Nambi Narayanan – a senior ISRO scientist – to jail for a crime he had not even dreamt of. They cooked stories about his sexual links, wealth, spying, treachery and anti-national activities – all without a shred of evidence.

Fast forward to 2017. This time, the pack of hounds has increased with television channels led by Asianet, Manorama, Mathrubhumi and others trying to hunt down actor Dileep. He may be a criminal of the worst kind, but it is for the courts and the judiciary to decide, not television channels who are liberal in quoting `police sources’ and `investigation officers’ to hammer nails in to the actor’s coffin.

Dileep wept like a baby, he hugged his brother in jail, he did not eat or sleep, he broke down before the police pleading for help….stories such as these have been cooked up by TV channels for mass consumption. For a change, serial addict Kerala is now tuned to such `inside’ stories; as if reporters were there witnessing all the high drama 24 hours every day outside the actor’s cell.

The police too are at times hand-in-glove with the media in trying to selectively leak out information (if one could call it so). They say Dileep met prime accused Pulsar Suni multiple times – at a hotel in Kochi, at a college in Perambavoor, on the sets of shooting. And at every such meeting, Dileep and Suni had only one point agenda – to sexually molest an actress.

That’s police information. As if for three years the police were following and snooping on these guys to record everything they discussed. The chargesheet hinges on just this. But this is not enough to prove conspiracy theory. They met; so what? Where is the proof that they discussed about the actress? Suni might say, yes Dileep did discuss; Dileep, on the other hand, might say, yes, we met, but we discussed about movie shooting schedules.

There falls the case.

Meanwhile, the police today took Dileep to a college where the so-called conspiracy was launched amidst canning a film. They would then take him to a hotel in Kochi where the two accused are supposed to have met. Apart from a room, there would be no evidence, substantial or otherwise.

Dileep’s bail was put off after his advocate Ram Kumar pleaded that as per Supreme Court directive, a person cannot be arrested without substantial proof. The Aluva court judge has asked him to give a written submission.

Apart from television media, the print too has not been lagging behind. They too have come up with stories highlighting, what they call, the criminal mind of Dileep. All the theories put together can one day (may be very soon) become a crime thriller.

And one day, the Dileep saga would indeed become a movie too. Producers are just waiting for things to cool down and let the matter come to a logical conclusion.

Will Dileep, who acted in a movie called Central Jail as a character born and brought up in a jail, be able to free himself or will he be behind bars. Let this be decided by the judiciary, not the blood thirsty TRP hunting media.


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