Bengaluru Yet To Warm Up To Home Isolation, Even With Asymptomatic COVID Cases At 78%

Bengaluru yet to warm up to home isolation, even with asymptomatic Covid cases at 78%
Bengaluru yet to warm up to home isolation, even with asymptomatic Covid cases at 78%

Bengaluru: Home isolation of COVID-positive people with mild or no symptoms has yet to catch up in Bangalore, despite the fact that COVID cases are increasing, overloading the health system in the city.

Many people who tested positive and are fit to be at home insist on hospitalisation for the fear surrounding the virus, increased the burden on hospitals. According to government data, up to 78% of COVID’s positive people in Bangalore are asymptomatic.

A senior official of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) said that today only 5,000 COVID-positive people at home isolation, which was less than 20% of the 25,574 active cases in the city as on Monday. as many as 2,231 people with confirmed coronavirus infection with mild or no symptoms, but who do not have facilities at home for isolation, are in government-run covid-care centres (CCCs). another about 4,000 patients are being treated in various government and private hospitals, as per official data.

There is no clarity on the remaining 13,000 COVID positive people. Officials said some of them could avail treatment through direct admission to private hospitals or in privately operated CCCs, which the government does not control. Some patients may not be under the BBMP’s radar.

Many officials and grassroots officials who said that while some mildly symptomatic cases voluntarily offer to self-isolate at home, many either need multiple counselling sessions to be convinced or they remain persistent on moving to a hospital or CCC because of misconception and the fear surrounding the coronavirus. “In many cases, positive people who are brought to the CCC change their mind and decide to go home. Often people complain that they have a fever or palpitations and request hospitalization. But when our health workers examine them, the body’s vital signs will be normal. The Western BBMP official said, “It is an excess of imagination and fear.

Though government-run hospitals do not accept asymptomatic positive COVID cases, private hospitals continue to take them. The state government has asked private hospital managements to reserve 50% of beds for government-referred patients. These hospitals can accept patients privately in the remaining beds. However, many private hospitals have yet to combine and receive Continue to do. COVID patients with mild or no symptoms without accumulating enough beds to treat patients referred by the government.

The state government issued guidelines on home segregation in the first week of July, as Bengaluru saw a surge in COVID cases. According to the guidelines, people under the age of 50, with no current health conditions and mild or symptom-free symptoms, and adequate space in the home, are eligible for home isolation. A BBMP team decides on home isolation after triaging the patient.

Experts said that people and society should accept segregation of the home. MK Sudarshan, chairman of the Covid-19 Technical Advisory Committee, recently said in an interview: COVID-positive persons with no symptoms should agree for home isolation to ensure beds are available for deserving patients,”

BBMP officials said efforts were being made to convince people to Isolate in the home. R Vishal, the officer in charge of the BBMP Rajarajeshwari Nagar Zone, said: “Since this virus will exist for a time, each person should be trained to monitor pulse, body temperature and observe COVID symptoms.”


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