Kerala Actress Breaks Her Silence on Dileep


The actress who was abducted and raped in a car in Kochi today broke her silence on her links with Dileep through a bland letter. There were no give-aways.  

The famous Kerala actress who was abducted and molested by unidentified men when she was returning home from a shoot this February finally broke her silence through a bland letter.

In a carefully-worded statement put out on social media, she denied all the reports doing the rounds of her alleged involvement in real estate and other financial partnerships with actor Dileep who was arrested on conspiracy charges.

DileepOne of the angles being probed is the revenge that Dileep was eager to take because his money was held up with the actress. Reports indicated that Dileep, his wife and the actress had jointly bought a large parcel of land near Kochi and Dileep was keen to sell it to start some business ventures. But the actress reportedly agreed to part with the land only in favour of Dileep’s first wife Manju Warrior.

However, all this is only in the realm of speculation and no independent verification was possible at this stage.

In her statement, the actress said “If the person is alleging that he has been trapped in a false case, I hope the truth will come out soon. If this person has done wrong, or if this person is innocent, either ways, the truth should be revealed soon.”

She added that she was “not in a frame of mind” to speak to directly to the media as she is still traumatised.

She made it clear that she had not named anyone in the case out of “personal enmity” and was rather shocked by Dileep’s arrest. But this should be taken with a pinch of salt.

“I have not tried to make anyone an accused because of personal enmity or anything else. I have not informed anyone of any name specifically,” the actress said.

She admitted that she had a brush or two with Dileep in the past and had some personal problems with him.

“It’s true that we’ve had some personal problems and we moved away from our friendship,” she added.

According to the police investigations, Dileep bore grudge against the actress as she revealed his affair with Kavya Madhavan to Dileep’s ex-wife Manju Warrior, which led to them falling apart.

But the letter released today is silent on this police angle. At no point in the letter has the actress mentioned about Dileep and his affair with Kavya.

Dileep has vehemently denied the police’s allegation that he blamed the actress for his divorce.

Meanwhile, the actor was taken to three places in Thrissur – two hotels and a sports academy. At each place, the superstar had to face an angry crowd that shouted slogans against him.

His bail plea was not taken up today as the government had failed to appoint a public prosecutor. The bail plea will come up tomorrow.


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