Going to Saudi Arabia? Leave Your Gods Behind


Government advisory for job seekers going to Saudi Arabia says people should delete all obscene clips on phone and no religious texts or photos of gods are allowed.


If you are a job seeker going to Saudi Arabia, here is a checklist that you need to strictly follow: No obscene clips on phones, no photos of gods or religious texts other than Islam, ‘no taweez’ (amulets) or black thread that could be construed as part of black magic rituals; no pan masala.

These are among a list of dos and don’ts announced by the Indian government for people job seekers heading to Saudi Arabia.

“Narcotic drugs, food items containing pork, poppy seeds, khat leaves, pan masala, and text related to any religion other than Islam” figure on the `no-no’ list.

Says the advisory: “Do not carry items prohibited/forbidden in Saudi Arabia. Do not store any prohibited/obscene material on your phone/laptop etc.”

Sorcery and witchcraft are banned in the kingdom and punishable with severe penalties, including death.  


The labour ministry of Saudi Arabia now gives free phone SIM card to all foreign employees.

Indian workers have also been advised that Indian workers heading to Saudi Arabia to carry a mobile phone — “preferably an inexpensive smart phone.”

Saudi Arabia is home to the largest number of Indians going abroad, with around 30 lakh people emigrating for jobs.


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