Saudi Amnesty: About 20,000 Indians to return

Saudi Amnesty-About 20,000 Indians to return

About 20,000 Indians working/staying in Saudi Arabia without proper documents will return home making use of the amnesty scheme declared by the Saudi government.

Saudi Amnesty-About 20,000 Indians to returnAccording to Indian Embassy, 20,321 Indians have applied for the three month amnesty scheme. About 1500 blue collar workers from the state of Tamil Nadu have applied for the out pass. Lot more from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have also applied for the same. Unlike the earlier amnesty scheme which was declared in 2013, many families will also be making use of it this time.

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The Kigdom has arranged 21 centers across the nation to serve those who are coming forward to exit the country on amnesty. An exclusive center has been set up in Riyadh for the Indians. The Indian Embassy has appealed to all the Indians who are staying illegally in Saudi to make use of the opportunity to return home.

Saudi Amnesty-About 20,000 Indians to returnExit visas and out pass (for those without passport) will be issued free of cost by the Saudi Authorities but the travel tickets should be borne by the passengers. NRI associations and social groups are working day and night to arrange free air tickets to the poor workers who are returning empty handed. Most of them have tragic experiences of being made work like an animal, without food and salary.

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Velappan from Tamil Nadu told, “I cannot express through words. I have been through hell in the last four years, working for different sponsors but most of them did not pay me. Even though uncertainty looms about the life after I am happy that I will be flying home to my dear ones”.  Adding salt to the cut, many including Velappan came to Saudi on borrowed money with great hope; but their hopes are thrashed and debts mounting.

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