12-Year-Old Girl Loses Fight Against Cancer, Father


Sai Sri, a 12-year-old girl, loses fight against cancer and her father who had abandoned her


Sai Sri, a 12-year-old girl from Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, died of cancer on Sunday. But that is not the full story. More tragic in the girl’s death is her fight with her father M. Siva Kumar to get help for the treatment.

The girl’s parents Siva Kumar and Suma Sri had separated. The mother and child were abandoned by Siva Kumar. Before getting separated, they had bought a flat in the name of Sai Sri and both of them were living there.

Things got worse for the mother and daughter as Sai Sri was afflicted with blood cancer and her health got bad day by day. Her mother was not able to honour the bills and the child could not get any financial help from her father.

12-Year-Old Girl Loses Fight Against Cancer, Father-News Time Now
Sai Sri

Suma Sri and Sai Sri repeatedly begged Siva Kumar to help them but he ignored their pleas. They also pleaded with him to sell the flat in order to raise money. The girl’s mother said that she had spent Rs.40 lakh and she was left with no money.

All the pleas from mother and daughter did not have any effect on Siva Kumar and he even sent goons to threaten them to vacate the flat.

Unable to find help from her father and with her health deteriorating, the girl sent a moving and heartbreaking selfie video to her father seeking his help. In the video she said that she wanted to go to school, play with her friend and begged him to help for the treatment by selling the flat.

Unfortunately the girl’s died on Sunday. The girl’s mother has alleged that her husband is a follower of MLA Bonda Umamaheswar Rao and that he had sent some rowdies to threaten them to vacate the house.


However, the MLA dismissed the allegations and said he didn’t even know Siva Kumar.

Whatever may be the case, a life has been snuffed out because of a father’s hard-heartedness and negligence.

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