Kannada, Telugu Actresses Victims of Flesh Trade in US

Kannada, Telugu Actresses Victims of Flesh Trade in US

Kannada, Telugu Actresses were `imported’ to US for entertaining bigshots during major conferences.  

Sandalwood is `scandalwood’. So is Tollywood.

In a major embarrassment for Sandalwood and Tollywood, Kannada and Telugu actresses were found to have been brought to the US for flesh trade by a couple from Andhra.

The US investigating agencies have busted an international racket trafficking involving some actresses into America for engaging in commercial sex with Indians on the pretext of performing at major Telugu and other Indian conferences.

If that is the case, investigators must also hold the people who used the actresses. They must be bigshots and powerful – either in the US or India.

According to The Times of India, five people from the Telugu and Kannada film industry were identified as survivors of illegal importation into Chicago for prostitution by a small-time Tollywood production manager couple.

In this connection, Kishan Modugumudi, alias Sreeraj Chennupati, and Chandrakala Purnima Modugumudi, alias Vebha Jayam, both natives of Hyderabad, were arrested in Washington on April 28 this year. They are reportedly living illegally in the US. US federal agents of Homeland Security Investigations have filed a criminal complaint in an Illinois court.

According to the criminal complaint filed in the court, the offences took place from May 11, 2017 to January 22, 2018.

According to Homeland Security investigators, the couple provided flight tickets to the actresses and booked hotel rooms in Chicago and across the US. “The accused would take the victims to Telugu and other Indian conferences held across the US to identify potential customers who would pay them to engage in commercial sex,” the HSI alleged in the complaint.

Federal agents have now seized travel records and recorded the statement of victims


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