New, Shocking Twist to Vijaya Mallya Case


CBI had put it in writing that bank defaulter Vijay Mallya need not be detained.

New Delhi: It is now official. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) did not want bank looter Vijay Mallya to be arrested. It had put on record that his detention was “not required.”

The CBI had first put out a Look Out Notice (LOC) which would have meant that the liquor baron could have been prevented from flying out.

But later, it admitted that the LOC was an error of judgment. But in a confidential correspondence accessed by The Indian Express, it shows that it was not an error of judgment. The letter clearly  shows that the agency, in writing, argued to the Mumbai Police that its first LOC was, in fact, an error and that Mallya’s detention was “not required.”

Look at the timing. The first LOC was dated October 16, 2015. This had a specific tick box which said “prevent subject from leaving India.”

The second LOC was dated November 24, 2015, the very night Mallya landed in Delhi. It had a covering letter sent to the Special Branch of the Mumbai Police. The box in this second LOC form that was ticked was: “inform originator of arrival/departure of subject.”

On November 24 CBI shot off a lengthy letter to Mumbai Police (for onward instructions to the immigration authorities) along with the fresh LOC categorically stating that, “detention of the subject at this stage is not required by us. In case detention is required in future, it will be communicated separately. The LOC established in respect of the subject may also be amended accordingly.”

The letter was signed by then CBI’s SP in Mumbai, Harshita Attaluri, and is marked to Mumbai IPS officer Aswati Dorje.

Four months later, Mallya fled the country on March 2, 2016.

There is more. On February 28, Mallya’s lenders SBI got legal advice to move the apex court to stop his exit but they did not act on it.

There seems to be a big gang out there who was protecting Mallya. Will this government find out who all constituted the gang – tight from the then CBI boss A K Sharma and Harshita Attaluri who directly reported to Sharma.


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