Man Executed in ISIS Style in Coimbatore, Two Surrender, Third Nabbed 


Farooq, an atheist, was executed in ISIS style in Coimbatore, sending shock waves across India.

Farooq, an atheist was executed in ISIS style in Coimbatore

H. Farooq, a 31-year-old atheist who called himself a free thinker, was executed in the most gruesome manner that the deadly ISIS adopts. A group of Muslim fundamentalists allegedly cut him into two.

The law and order machinery in Tamil Nadu and across India are shocked at the sudden emergence of ISIS type of execution. Initially it was thought that Farooq was killed due to rivalry, but as the investigations progressed, it became clear that it was an ISIS type execution.

What has worried the police is that the two men who surrendered in the case are not on the intelligence radar which reflects the growth of local fundamentalist movement. The third accused was nabbed.

Farooq was hacked to death by a group of five Muslims on March 16 as they were outraged by his contempt for Gods, including Allah. Two men have surrendered in the case. But they do not belong to any known fundamentalist groups.

Four days ago, Farook got a call from an unknown number at around 11 pm from a man who claimed to be doing  scrap business, just as Farooq. The caller wanted to strike a deal. He asked Farooq if he could meet him near Corporation Sewage Treatment Plant to discuss about a deal. Farook agreed to meet the unknown man and left on his motorbike.

As he approached the spot, his throat was slashed in ISIS sytle by a gang of five people. Farooq managed to run for a short distance and let out a cry. As people came out, the gang fled, but Farooq was dead by then.

He was a member of Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam, an atheist organisation that followed the preachings of Periyar.

Farooq is survived by his wife and his 7-year-old daughter. His relatives refused to take his body until the police began investigations.

His father wondered where in Islam does it say that people should be executed. “I have lost my son in the most unfortunate manner. Will Islam or anyone give me an answer”, he told the media.


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