Kolkata’s Artist Swati Pasari braving the pandemic

Kolkata’s Artist Swati Pasari braving the pandemic
Radha Krishna

“Art has a healing touch. I derive the strength and pleasure by spreading the colours on my canvases and giving shape to my sculptures. And the same positivity gets translated in my artwork.   My artwork is the harbinger of hope and happiness”, says the optimist artist from Kolkata, Swati Pasari.

Amid this gloomy global scenario, my latest collection of paintings “Colours of Life” focuses on overcoming the challenges and celebrating life in its various shades and moods”, says Artist Swati Pasari. During the hard times, it is very important to stay positive and spread positivity and happiness around in whichever way it is possible. Spreading positivity through her work and helping poor through her various social initiatives, Swati has already set an example for the younger generation.

Her latest artwork can be seen at the CAPTIVATING CANVASES, visual exhibition of eminent artists across the country organised by an online portal, Banyan Art Gallery, from June 8th to 14th 2020.

A graduate in business studies and with no formal training in Art, Swati followed her heart and started painting with an aim to spread positivity through her art. Her Art Brand, Soulink, took shape in 2007 and she never looked back.

Lord Ganesha
Lord Ganesha

For Swati, the act of creating a work of art is synonymous to following a particular train of thought, developing and working on them unless the thought is translated seamlessly in her creations. When she paints, it is more like letting her emotions flow without any obstruction. She can never pin point when and how the painting will end, it is just a inner joy which she feels when her inner thoughts are translated on her painting and that is when she knows, her work is done.

Her biggest influencers are subjects, rather than people. She is heavily influenced by Indian mythology and spirituality.   “They say that you have to be lost in order to be found. Every artist strives for inner peace, and art is only a method of finding inner wholesomeness”, adds Swati.

Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna

About Swati Pasari

Hailing from a Marwari family of Kolkata, Swati finished her Business studies from Australia to join the family business. However, she gave in to her inner calling and started painting.

Swati’s Art Brand, “Soulink” took shape in 2007. Today, all of 32 years, Swati has travelled across the World exhibiting her all so happy Artworks & Sculptures.


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