Woman Dies In Freak Mishap In Bengaluru

Woman Dies In Freak Mishap In Bengaluru

Bengaluru: In a freak mishap in the city, Nandini Rao (45) died on the spot when she got crushed between a tree and her car’s door on Wednesday.

CCTV footage of the incident, captured from a security camera placed on a building, showed Nandini approaching the car and opening the door. She turns on the ignition before getting into the driver’s seat. The car suddenly moves backward trapping her between the door of her luxury sedan and the tree.

People spotted the victim lying unconscious on the pavement. The police were alerted and she was rushed to Columbia Asia Hospital where she was declared brought dead.

Police suspect that the car was left in reverse gear without the handbrake pulled up.

The incident happened in Bengaluru’s upscale Sadashivanagar neighbourhood.

The police registered a case of “self-accident”. A police officer was quoted in the media as saying “This is a very unusual accident. We are seeing this for the first time in our police station at least. In the CCTV footage, we saw that she started the car without getting inside the vehicle and as the vehicle was in reverse gear, she was dragged and got crushed between the tree and the car door.”

Sources said due to Covid-19 pandemic, Nandini, who lived with her husband Harish, an engineer, and their child would not go out often. However, they would come out to turn on the ignition of the car once in a while. Wednesday’s mishap had occurred when it was Nandini’s turn to switch on the ignition.

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