Kumaraswamy Weeps, Says He is Swallowing Poison of Congress

Kumaraswamy Weeps, Says He is Swallowing Poison of Congress

Why should HDK voluntarily swallow poison? Let him get out of the coalition.

Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy on Saturday did what he is best at: weep like a school kid.

Addressing partymen who wanted to felicitate him, HDK said tears rolling down his cheeks:  “While you may be happy thinking that your Anna or Thamma (brother) has become the chief minister, let me tell you that I’m not. I’m swallowing my pain, which is nothing more than poison (of being the CM of a coalition, meaning the Congress), without sharing it. I’m not happy with the situation.”

If he is not happy, why should HDK voluntarily swallow poison? He should be brave enough to get out of the coalition and once more face the electorate. Are these tears genuine or just crocodile tears to win the sympathy of voters?

If Karnataka has such a weak chief minister who keeps on weeping, what will be the fate of the state?

A sobbing Kumaraswamy also declined to accept bouquets and garlands.

Kumaraswamy Weeps, Says He is Swallowing Poison of CongressWhat really upset the CM was a social media video post by a kid that said “Kumaraswamy is not my CM.” In his video, a boy from Kodagu (Coorg) said roads in the district have been washed away but the CM is not worried. Fishermen from coastal districts too voiced their anger against the chief minister for failing to waive their loans.

“For the last one month, nobody knows the jugglery I’ve been doing to convince officials to agree to the loan waiver. Now, they want 7kg rice instead of 5kg rice under the Anna Bhagya scheme. From where should I get Rs 2,500 crore for this? I’m being criticised for levying taxes. After all this, media says there’s no clarity in my loan waiver scheme. If I wish, within two hours I can step down from the office,’’ Kumaraswamy said.

He should do so instead of sticking to his chair.

“God has given me this power (to become CM). He’ll decide how many days I should stay,” he added.

Not God, Mr Kumaraswamy, it is in your hands to either stick to your chair of step down gracefully.

“My craving to become CM of the state was for no other reason but to do good for the people of this state. It was my dream to fulfil my party’s commitment and complete the unfinished agenda of my father HD Deve Gowda. It was not for grabbing power. However, the assembly election results (winning only 37 seats) suggest that somewhere people do not have confidence in me,” he said.

A worried father and JD(S) supremo HD Deve Gowda stood up to say that he is extremely worried about his son who is working for 18 hours a day without rest when his health is not in a good condition.



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