Former PM and son HDK flout Covid rules

Former PM and son HDK flout Covid rules

Bengaluru: Former prime minister HD Deva Gowda and former Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy today flouted all lockdown norms and rules to prevent the spread of Coronavirus at the grand wedding of Nikhil Kumaraswamy, the actor-politician and son of HDK.

Over a hundred guests attended the wedding flouting the cardinal rule that only 20 people can attend a marriage function. And to make matters worse, none of the guests, including Deve Gowda and his wife, did not wear masks. Kumaraswamy and his wife Anita too did not wear masks.

Nikhil married Revathi, the grand-niece of Congress leader M. Krishnappa at a farm house in Bidadi in Ramanagara taluk.

But this also begs the question on how the State government and police allowed a fleet of cars to go from the Covid red zone of Bengaluru to Bidadi. How did the state government allow more than 20 people to attend the wedding.

Social media went hammer and tongs at the Gowdas and the government. On the one hand the police are over zealous in caning people who come out in Bengaluru and, on the other, they allow such a huge gathering by turning a blind eye.

Earlier in the week, Kumaraswamy had said that the family had taken permission from the chief secretary to perform the wedding, and to maintain social distancing. But he threw his promise to the wayside.

Despite criticism, he refused to postpone the wedding saying the stars are in the right alignment for the couple and such an auspicious time will not come in the near future. Like his father and brother Revanna, HDK is a staunch believer in astrology.

And in a show-off, the family released photos and videos of the wedding to the public while the media was kept off.  


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