27.1% of Arabs illiterate, Rate may go up due to the ongoing crisis and conflicts

27.1% of Arabs illiterate

The Arab Organisation for Education, Science and Culture (Alecso) reports that the illiteracy rate in Arab countries is 27.1%.  It is nearly 54 million people, compared to 16 per cent in the rest of the world elaborates Alecso.

27.1% of Arabs illiterate
Regufees; running for life

The alarming fact is that the illiteracy rate may increase because of the on-going crises and armed conflicts in the Arab region. In the conflict hit areas nearly 13.5 million children do not attend school, said the organisation, an affiliate of the League of Arab States, in a statement marking Arab Literacy Day.

It called upon all Arab states, and regional and international organisations, to support its initiative for child education in conflict zones, as well as national adult literacy education programmes.

The pan-Arab organisation also urged Arab civil society organisations to back efforts to promote literacy, as real partners in Arab social development.


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