Say Goodbye To Boarding Cards at Airports

Say Goodbye To Boarding Cards at Airports

Initially, boarding cards to be phased out in Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai. 

Boarding cards stamped ‘security checked’ may pass into history very soon In India. To start off with, domestic flyers out of Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai would not need boarding cards.

Say Goodbye To Boarding Cards at AirportsThe phasing out of these cards would be tested as a pilot project in Delhi and Bengaluru – two cities that have high traffic of domestic flyers. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) has approached these two airports with the proposal and have received a nod. Mumbai Airport will also start a pilot project in three months.

Say Goodbye To Boarding Cards at Airports“Boarding card stamping need not end only when the bigger digi-yatra (paperless biometric boarding for domestic flyers) project kicks off. It can happen earlier at some airports,” said a senior CISF official was quoted in the media.

Say Goodbye To Boarding Cards at AirportsAs a prelude, the CISF and aviation authorities hade stopped stamping handbag tags at several airports for over a year. Hyderabad has an e-boarding gate. Airports Authority of India plans to pilot digi-yatra at three airports by the year-end.


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