Midnight Secret Love Run For Kisses Lands Teenager In A Well


A teenager made a secret love run at midnight for a few kisses that landed him in a well.

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Smitten by love, a teenager in Kochi in Kerala made a dash to see his girlfriend who promised him plenty of kisses if he came to her house for a secret rendezvous at midnight. The modern 17-yer-old Romeo did not think twice. But his love run to get the promised kisses from his 15-year-old girlfriend ended in a well with 50 feet deep water.

As soon as he got the text message, the boy managed to get the keys of his father’s car and drove out. On his way to his girlfriend’s house, he saw a police night patrol at around 1.30am. He panicked and took a bylane only to run into another police party.

The boy by now got nervous and reversed the car in a bid to take another lane. But in trying to do so, he rammed the car into an electric post and crashed into a compound wall. He did not give up. He abandoned the car and made a dash and started scaling compound walls one after the other to reach his girlfriend.

But while scaling one of the walls, he did not realise that it was the protective half-wall of an abandoned well. And he made a splash landing into the well which had 50 feet of water.

Picture for representation purpose only

The boy, however, managed to stay afloat and got a foothold on one of the rings of the well. From 2 am till dawn, he was perched on the ring.

At about 4 am, the resident of the house woke up to take his usual morning walk. When the boy saw the lights switched on in the house, he called out for help.

The resident was shocked to see a boy standing on one of the rings in the well. Since he could not rescue the boy, the resident called the fire force and the local police who fished him out of the well. He was unhurt.

According to the police, the boy and the girl were students of the same school. While the boy is a Plus-Two student, the girl is two years his junior.

The police slapped a fine on his parents for providing the teen an opportunity to drive without a licence. The electricity board, too, gave a notice, seeking compensation for the damaged power pole.

This was not the boy’s first love run. He was caught near the girl’s house a week ago, and her father had brought the matter to notice of the boy’s parents. The parents took him to task and sent their child to the house of his grandparents a few kilometres away.

Considering their age, the police did not register a case. “We asked both the families to advice the teenagers to concentrate on studies,” a police officer was quoted in the media.


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