Amit Shah Went To Santiniketan To Remove The Title Of ‘Outsider’?

Amit Shah Went To Santiniketan To Remove The Title Of 'Outsider'?

Did senior BJP leader and Union Home Minister Amit Shah reach Visva-Bharati University in Shanti Niketan in Birbhum district on the last day of his two-day tour of West Bengal to remove the reputation of outsiders?

Was one of the motives to praise Rabindranath Tagore to compensate for the damage caused by the demolition of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar before the last Lok Sabha elections? The same questions are arising in political circles here amid the heated politics of Shah’s visit.

If the ruling Trinamool Congress believes then the answer is ‘yes’ and if you listen to the leaders of BJP, the answer is ‘No’.

Keep in mind that all the leaders of Mamta Banerjee and TMC have been calling BJP and its leaders as outsiders. Mamta has repeatedly said that the people of Bengal will rule here, not Gujarat.

It is believed that Amit Shah is visiting all the places associated with the state’s dignitaries in order to cut this strategy in his tour. Among them, Vishwabharati University ranks at the top.

Tour for political gains

On the last day of his tour, Amit Shah visited Visva-Bharati, visited the residences of Rabindranath Tagore and Mahatma Gandhi and paid tribute to him.

He then visited the worship house and later took part in a cultural program organized in his honor. In his interaction with reporters before exiting the university campus, he had praised Kaviguru.

Shah told reporters, “Arriving at Visva-Bharati, I was privileged to see the residence of two great men Rabindranath Tagore and Mahatma Gandhi and pay tribute to him. He brought the echo of Indian knowledge, philosophy, art and literature to the whole world and through Visva-Bharati Played an important role in their protection and promotion. “

The Home Minister said that Rabindranath made Vishwabharati the centre for the harmony of Indian languages ​​with the language, literature, art and culture of many countries of the world.

Amit Shah’s Roadshow

After leaving from there, he had lunch with some other party leaders at the house of Baul artist Basudev Das and then had a roadshow.

In the road show, Shah claimed that the winds of change in Bengal have intensified and the crowd gathered in the roadshow is proof of this. After the food at the Bowl artist’s home, he said in one of his tweets, “Bowl art is a true reflection of the versatile Bangla culture.”

But was Shah’s visit to Birbhum to get rid of outsiders? State BJP president Dilip Ghosh does not believe so. He says that Rabindranath is the pride of the whole country, not just of Bengal. Amit Shah’s visit was a normal visit. On the first day he went to Medinipur and on the second day went to Visva-Bharati. It had no political implications.

But on the other hand, TMC has said that without knowing Gurudev’s views, BJP is trying to use them for its political gains.

Party leader Subrata Mukherjee says, “The BJP is outsider. She is trying to use Bengal’s great men without realizing their importance. She has no understanding of Bengal’s culture.”

Santiniketan to Delhi

By the way, before leaving for Santiniketan for Delhi, it was clear from what Shah said in his press conference that the party is struggling to remove the reputation of outsiders

He said, “If BJP comes to power in Bengal, then the Chief Minister will become the red of this soil, no outsider.”

Shah did not stop here. He asked whether Mamta wanted a country where people of one state could not go to another. Did she call him an outsider even after Indira Gandhi and Narasimha Rao came to Bengal?

Shah said, “Don’t you worry. No one will come from Delhi to defeat you. Someone from Bengal will become the next Chief Minister of the state and he will be Bengali.”

The Union Home Minister said that to divert attention from the failures of the state government, Mamta and her party are raising the issue of external and local. He quoted figures that Bengal’s performance on all the indicators of development including education and health has been pathetic.

Baseless allegation

But on Sunday, the Trinamool Congress released the figures, terming the figures presented by Shah as baseless and incorrect

Party spokesperson Derek O’Brien has said in social data released on social media that Shah’s claim of killing three hundred BJP workers in Bengal is baseless and said that most of these people have died due to personal enmity. In many cases, suicide has also been included in the murder. In contrast, since 1997, 1027 TMC activists have been killed.

Birbhum District Trinamool Congress president Anubhabrata Mandal says, “BJP leaders start gimmicking during elections. Shah’s visit is also part of the same gimmick. He has no idea about the culture and personalities of Bengal. BJP like Kaviguru It is also trying to use a celebrity in political interest. “

TMC leader Subrata Mukherjee says, “The BJP is outsider. It is trying to use Bengal’s great men without realizing its importance. They have no understanding of Bengal’s culture.”

Controversy over Santiniketan tour

Controversy has also arisen over Shah’s Santiniketan tour. In fact, before Shah’s tour, the banner and cut-outs put up by a local organization had Shah’s picture above Rabindranath.

However, they were later removed after protests by Vishwa Bharati students.

But the Trinamool Congress fiercely attacked Shah and BJP on this issue.

In protest, a cultural program was also organized by the party at Kodaguru’s birth place, Addasanko.

In Santiniketan and Visva-Bharati, rallies were taken out by the Trinamool Congress Students’ Council and Non-Teachers Employees Organization against it.

Insult to bengal

TMC leaders have attacked Shah and BJP on this issue, accusing them of insulting Tagore.

Rural Development Minister Subrata Mukherjee told reporters, “Those who do not understand the culture of Bengal and do not respect the pride of Bengal, Vidyasagar and Rabindranath Tagore, are dreaming of occupying Bengal.”

Urban Development Minister Firhad Hakim says, “BJP has insulted not only Rabindranath but also the people of Bengal. We keep Kaviguru on the forehead. But in banners he is shown under Amit Shah. It is the culture of Bengal Is an insult. “

He said that BJP president JP Nadda also told Santiniketan instead of Kavasiguru’s birthplace, Addasanko.

TMC MP Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar says, “In the eyes of the BJP, there is no respect for the personalities of Bengal. So sometimes she breaks the statue of Vidyasagar and sometimes puts the picture of her leader above the poet.”

Local vs external dispute

On Monday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee pulled Shah in his press conference and said that he has presented a bundle of lies during his visit. Such false claims and statements do not suit any leader sitting on the post of Union Home Minister.

Mamta has also announced a rally in Bolpur on 29 December.

Political observers say that this time the BJP leaders have understood that the issue of Mamta’s Bangla nationalism will dominate the party’s concept of Hindu nationalism. That is why all the leaders of the party are going to such places after choosing. One can get rid of the reputation of outsiders and the other party can show that he has a lot of respect for the state’s people.

Sunil Kumar Karmakar, a professor of political science, says, “In the last Lok Sabha elections, the BJP has filled the brunt of the statue of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar. Due to the breakdown of that statue during Shah’s roadshow in Kolkata before the last round of voting. The party’s account could not even be opened at that time. Mamta had better redeemed that issue in her political rights. That is why the leaders of the party have changed their strategy this time. “

Another observer, Vishwanath Chakraborty, also says, “The party to occupy Bengal’s power is now visiting the places associated with mystics as part of its strategy of seriously taking the external versus the local issue of TMC.” Lessons have been learned from the incident. Will he get any benefit from this, this question will be answered in the coming days. But before the elections, there is a possibility of deepening of local versus external dispute”


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