Rajnath Singh on China; ‘Talks On To Solve Border Dispute, Can’t Guarantee Anything’

Rajnath Singh on China; ‘Talks On To Solve Border Dispute, Can’t Guarantee Anything’
Rajnath Singh on China; ‘Talks On To Solve Border Dispute, Can’t Guarantee Anything’

Rajnath Singh was seen witnessing “paramilitary exercises and other military exercises” at the Stackna Front Site in photos shared by his office.

India-China confrontation: Rajnath Singh in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir for two days.

Leh / New Delhi: Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said this afternoon while interacting with forces in Ladakh: The talks between India and China should resolve the border dispute, adding that the scope of success “cannot be guaranteed.” The defence minister landed in Ladakh this morning, more than a month after the June 15 clash with China, where 20 soldiers died in the line of duty.

“Regardless of the conversations that have taken place so far, the problem must be resolved … but to what extent it will be resolved, I cannot guarantee it. However, I want to assure you that an inch of our land cannot be taken with any force in Rajnath Singh told the troops when I visited the center of Lukung near Pangong Lake.

The Lokong site is located on the northwest side of the lake, 43 km by road from the Finger 4 area, where troops from India and China are in the process of retreating. Lukung is a common site, where the Indian Army and Indo-Tibetan Border Police are stationed.

The defense minister is on a two-day visit to Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir. In the photos, the chief of defense personnel, General Pepin Rawat, and the head of the general army, M. METRO. Naravan accompanies him.

“India is the only country in the world that has sent a message of peace to the world. We have never attacked a country and we have never refused to claim land from any country. India believes in the message:” Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam “(The world it’s a family), the Defense Minister said today during his speech.

“We do not want riots, we want peace. It was not our nature to harm the pride of any country. If any attempt was made to harm the pride of India, it will not be tolerated … We will give you an adequate response.” Mr. Singh said.

“We are proud of our army. I am proud to be among our artists. Our boys have lost the country. The Indians have groaned 130 million rupees.”

Some of the photos posted by Rajasthan Singh’s office on Twitter this morning showed that he was witnessing a “fall of the vertebra and other military exercises” at the front site of Stakna.

Originally, Singh was scheduled to visit Ladakh on July 3, but his visit has been postponed. After reviewing operational readiness on the royal control line, the royal borders between India and China, Mr. Singh flew to Srinagar to review the situation on the control line.

On Thursday, the military said India and China were making progress to end the months-long military confrontation, but that it was a complex process and needed verification on the ground.

“Senior commanders reviewed progress in implementing the first phase of the withdrawal and discussed other steps to ensure complete disconnection,” said army spokesman Colonel Aman Anand. “The two sides remain committed to the goal of complete disconnection. This process is complex and requires ongoing verification,” he said.

Last month, a high-altitude clash broke out in the Jalwan Valley in the Ladakh region, where 20 Indian soldiers were killed and China received an unspecified number of victims, sparking high-level diplomatic and military talks.

China confirmed on Wednesday that progress has been made in defusing the border crisis, the Reuters news agency reported.

On July 3, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a surprise visit to an advanced location in Nemo, Ladakh, and interacted with forces at an altitude of 11,000 feet. In the images, Prime Minister Modi sat in a camouflaged tent while talking to hundreds of soldiers sitting at a distance from each other.

“The era of expansion is over and this is the era of development. History knows that expansionist forces have either lost or been forced to withdraw,” he said, addressing the soldiers during the visit, which was a moral sentiment. for the forces. A strong message to China.

The Prime Minister said: “The weak can never make peace, and the brave can.”

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