People Who Become Millionaires From a Company’s Stock Despite Epidemics & Recession

People who become millionaires from a company's stock despite epidemics and recession

Many people have become crorepatis in the year 2020 due to rising prices of Tesla shares.

He has started calling himself Teslanaire, not a millionaire or Billionaire.

The price of Elon Musk’s electric car company Tesla has increased by more than 700 percent during the year 2020.

With this, it has become the most valuable car company in the world.

But for investors who invested money in this company a decade ago, it has been a fluctuating journey.

America’s Largest Stock Index

During this time, it has become a very profitable deal for the people who kept trusting with Tesla.

In the month of December last year, Tesla became part of the S&P-500, which is the largest stock index in the US.

Companies like Apple, Microsoft and Facebook are part of it.

The price of Tesla shares saw a tremendous increase in the month of December and it became one of the top ten companies in this index.

Now Tesla’s stock price is more than the combined price of General Motors, Ford, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Toyota.

Growing trend towards electric cars

Despite this, you would be surprised to know that it manufactures a car at a much smaller share than its rival companies.

Weil Rind, chief executive of investor company Granite Shares, says that “Investors who had bought its shares in the beginning have been profitable and some have now become millionaires.”

A major reason for the increase in the price of Tesla’s shares has been the increase in demand in China.

Apart from this, the expectation of subsidy on electric cars has also increased. The global trend towards electric cars has brought companies like Tesla into a critical position.

Many investors also believe that Tesla’s other businesses will also grow strongly. This includes businesses such as automated driving software and battery power storage.

Excessive emotion?

In June 2010, Tesla’s shares came to the market at just $ 17 per share. This week its price has been more than 650 dollars.

Despite the epidemic, Tesla’s critics believe that it is being judged much higher due to the increase in its stock prices in the year 2020.

In early December, analysts at the financial institution JP Morgan wrote, “In our view, Tesla shares are not only being overvalued on the basis of all the traditional parameters, but are going up dramatically.”

But some other investment experts believe that Tesla should not be seen as just a car company.

Edward Moya, a senior Merkel analyst at investment company Ondah, says, “For many investors, the excitement about Tesla is not just as a car company. It’s more than just a car company. The success of its batteries has many And will also open the doors of sources. “

Rind says, “Think of Tesla’s role in generating electric power and storage from fossil fuels. In that sense, the big question facing investors is how to evaluate future technology?”

Tesla also produces solar panels and back-up power for homes.

The story of Tesla turned millionaires

There are a large number of investors who are optimistic about Tesla’s bright future.

Los Angeles engineer Jason D-Bolt bought 2,500 shares for $ 19,000 when he first invested in Tesla. He says, “I first started investing in Tesla in 2013 after buying a Tesla Model S and visiting the factory.”

Since then, the shares of the company are being bought. He now owns 15,000 shares of the company, which is worth about $ 10 million. He agrees that as a long-time investor, it has been a volatile journey.

He says, “It was a difficult experience to see Elon Musk and Tesla attacking from the media. It was worse for me than a drop in share prices. I knew that eventually they would get the answer.”

Jason D-Bolt is a member of the Tesla Shareholders Club and through Facebook Group, he always talks to other investors.

Scott Tisdale, a resident of New York, started investing in Tesla in 2013 after seeing the Model S. He has 4000 shares, which is worth 28 million dollars as of today.

He says, “I have not stopped investing in it, while the story of its success is about to begin. People have been telling it to be overpriced ever since I had not even started buying it.”

What are the challenges ahead

Experts believe that in the year 2021, Tesla’s share will rarely see an increase of 700 percent and this could not make Tesla’s shareholders a millionaire in that number.

These experts also talk about getting a challenge from companies like Apple.

Apple is preparing to resume plans to manufacture electric cars with its Chinese rivals.

“Tesla has big challenges and can take a big risk for it,” says Moya of Ondah.

Experts also warn about investing in a single company and instead they recommend investing there where your money is invested in many companies.


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