Eco-Friendly Diwali: What Are Green Crackers, How They Reduce Pollution?

Eco-Friendly Diwali: What Are Green Crackers, How They Reduce Pollution?

In the midst of deepening air pollution in North India, this time use only Green Crackers on Diwali. By the way, this time they will be found at every authorized shop in the market. Let us tell you what green crackers are and how they reduce air pollution

Two years ago, the Supreme Court had directed the use of green firecrackers just before Diwali. As the name suggests, green firecrackers are less polluting, which at this time are perfectly fit according to the toxic air of Delhi-NCR and North India. By the way, now you will usually go out to buy crackers in the market, and you will only get green crackers at shops with official license.

Until two years ago, when fireworks were burnt on Diwali. If there were fireworks, then the level of pollution would have increased very suddenly. Breathing in it became even more difficult.

In the meantime, the need for such firecrackers and fireworks is felt which is less polluting and less harmful. In this way, the Indian Institute of Environmental Engineering Research (Neeri) started work on green firecrackers. Soon the scientist succeeded in making such green firecrackers. Worldwide, they are seen as a better way of dealing with pollution.

How Are Fireworks Made?

The crackers prepared by Neeri, an organization associated with the Industrial Research Council (CSIR), are just like traditional firecrackers. Burning them causes less pollution. This does not diminish the fun of Diwali, as these green crackers are just like normal firecrackers in looks, burns and sounds.

how much pollution it will reduce, usually green firecrackers reduce air pollution by 50 per cent. They do not release much toxic gas in the air.

According to Neeri, three types of green firecrackers are being made at the moment.

  1. Safe Water Reliever – The former produces water with burning, causing harmful gases like sulfur and nitrogen to dissolve in them. They are also called safe water relievers.
  2. Star Cracker – Other types are known as Star Cracker. They produce less sulfur and nitrogen than normal. Aluminium is also minimally used in these.
  3. Aroma Crackers – There are third types of aroma crackers which produce less pollution as well as fragrance.

Where to find green firecrackers?

Now green firecrackers will be available at all fireworks shops, which have got its license. By the way, it is now prohibited to sell the old type of pollution-bursting crackers in the market. Most crackers manufacturing companies are now producing similar firecrackers.

Sivakasi is also ready.

The firecrackers and fireworks usually sold in the market are manufactured on a large scale in Sivakasi. According to reports, now mostly green firecrackers are being prepared in Sivakasi, which will be eco-friendly.

They will also reduce harmful chemical emissions. These are being made entirely under the directions of the Supreme Court. There are more than 1000 manufacturing units in Sivakasi, which manufacture green crackers on a large scale throughout the year. Their business is worth thousands of crores.

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