Bhaag Badal Bhaag, says Sidhu as Congman

Bhaag Badal Bhaag-says Sidhu as Congman

One-liner expert and ace spin doctor cricketer turned politician Navjot Singh Sidhu bowled to full line and length on a quirky political pitch when he formally joined the Congress today in Delhi.

Bhaag Badal Bhaag-says Sidhu as CongmanSidhu sent deadly political bouncers at chief minister Prakash Singh Badal saying his fiery campaign will ensure that the Badal parivar is thrown out lock stock and barrel. Bhaag Badal Bhaag, he said with telling effect borrowing lines from the famous biopic on Milka Singh Bhaag Milka Bhaag.

The present Punjab government is nothing but all about a family and not the state, he said.

The former BJP loyalists said he is “born Congressman” adding “this is my ghar wapsi,” giving the BJP a pinch.

He said, the forthcoming election is a fight for Punajb’s existence, its self-respect…. Punjab which was once known for Green Revolution now is notorious for ‘chitta’ or drugs.

Sidhu is expected to contest the from Amritsar East, part of the Amritsar Lok Sabha constituency, which he represented for the Bharatiya Janata Party from 2004 to 2014 in the coming elections on February 4.

Sidhu said he would be willing to work under the new captain, a reference to Punjab’s Chief Ministerial candidate Captain Amarinder Singh.

But the Congress party has not said anything about naming Sidhu as the deputy CM as he demanded if Congress emerges as a majority. Apart from adding the typical Punjabi josh into the election, Sidhu likely to spice up the polls in Punjab.

But will his one-liners convert into an avalanche of votes is doubtful as Sidhu has influence only in and around Amritsar. But he is sure to give the BJP and AAP a political migraine in the coming elections which is just 20 days ahead.

At best, Sidhu could be a force multiplier, not a force himself. He is popular among youngsters, not the typical Punjabi who would dismiss him with disdain.


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