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Tip-Off From Karnataka Led to Arrest of Dabholkar’s Killer

It was Karnataka special investigation team’s tip off that led to arrest of Sachin Andure, the alleged shooter of Dabholkar. Pune/Bengaluru: It was just a...

Friendship With Woman Led to Aurangzeb’s Murder

It was love for a woman led to rifleman Aurangzeb to a brutal death in Kashmir. New Delhi: Love for a woman led to...

Stop These Murders; 5 Lynched in M’shtra Over Rumours

Social media was used for spreading false rumours that led to lynching of 5 in M'shtra. It is high time that the governments across India...

For Refusing Sex, Bus Conductor Murders Ryan International School Kid

The police have arrested bus conductor Ashok Kumar of Ryan International School for killing a kid for refusing to have sex. In a major breakthrough,...


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