Why Congress Lost in Lok Sabha Election

Why Congress Lost in Lok Sabha Election

Rahul Gandhi launched a vicious personal campaign against Prime Minister Narendra Modi

New Delhi: One of the prime reasons why the Congress faired badly in the present Lok Sabha elections was because Party President Rahul Gandhi had launched a vicious and personal attack against Narendra Modi calling him a thief.

Rahul Gandhi’s `Chowkidaar Chor Hai’ campaign had a very negative impact on the voters because they saw it as an insult to the institution of Prime Minister. The Congress President had also said that he will demolish the image of the Prime Minister and expose him. This was also not taken well by the voters.

Rahul tried to change the narrative later by saying that he stood for love, but called Modi as a man full of hate.

All this was responsible for the Congress Party’s downfall. And even as the Congress sank, it took down all its allies too.

This is precisely why Bahujan Samaj Party leader Mayawati put the blame for the loss squarely at Rahul Gandhi’s doorsteps. The Left has also blamed the Congress for the Opposition group’s defeat.


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