Which Countries Other Than India Have Rafale Aircraft?

Which Countries Other Than India Have Rafale Aircraft?

The state-of-the-art 4.5 Generation Rafale jet can reach almost double the speed of sound, with a top speed of 1.8 Mach. With its multi-role capabilities, including electronic warfare, air defence, ground support and in-depth strikes, the Rafale lends air superiority to the Indian Air Force.

Rafale Aircraft

  1. French Air Force (180 Aircrafts Ordered 102 Aircraft in Service).
  2. French Navy( 44 Aircrafts in Service)
  3. Indian Air Force (36 Aircraft Ordered 5 Aircrafts in Service.)
  4. Qatar Air Force ( 24 Aircrafts ordered in 2015 12 Aircrafts added in 2018 and option to buy additional 36 Aircrafts )
  5. Egypt Air force ( 24 Aircraft Ordered, 21 in Service and 3 Aircrafts will be delivered soon.)

Specifications Of Rafale Fighter Jets:

Ahead Of Arrival Of Rafale Jets, Security Tightened, Section 144 Imposed Near Ambala Air Base


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