Two alleged rapists shot in the leg in Bengaluru

Two alleged rapists shot in the leg in Bengaluru
Two alleged rapists shot in the leg in Bengaluru
  • They were trying to flee when the police opened fire

Bengaluru: Two persons accused of rape and sexual assault were shot in the leg after they tried to escape in Bengaluru Friday.

The incident happened at around 5 am when all the six accused, including two women – all believed to be from Bangladesh — were taken to the spot where the alleged rape took place in order to reconstruct the crime scene. The injured accused have been hospitalised.

The six accused were arrested Thursday after a video of a woman being brutally assaulted started circulating on social media, especially in the Northeast. The Assam police sought further details from their Bengaluru counterparts as it was believed that the victim was from their area.

From Bangladesh

But the Bengaluru police clarified that all the accused were believed to be from Bangladesh.

“As per information revealed so far, all of them are part of the same group and believed to be from Bangladesh. Due to financial differences, the culprits brutalised the victim who is also said to be a Bangladeshi, brought to India for human trafficking,” the police said.

The victim is currently in another state and a team has been sent to trace her and record her statement before a judicial authority.

“These images are of 5 culprits who are seen brutally torturing & violating a young girl in a viral video. The time or place of this incident is not clear. Anyone with information regarding this crime or the criminals may please contact us. They will be rewarded handsomely,” Assam Police had earlier tweeted.


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