Trump’s Ominous Shadow Falls on Colleges in Bengaluru


US President Donald Trump’s policy of America First has cast an ominous shadow on colleges offering IT courses in Bengaluru.

Trump’s Ominous Shadow Falls on Colleges in BengaluruPremium colleges, known for offering IT courses in Bengaluru, are in for troubled days ahead. The colleges foresee a major dip in placements in the coming years due to the new policies that came into effect after Donald Trump took over as the President of the US.

Colleges call it the Trump quake; some have even called it a Trump meltdown.

Under his America First policy, Trump has forbidden outsourcing of jobs to other nations by US firms. US companies have been mandated to recruit local hands.

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As a result of this policy, IT companies in Bengaluru and elsewhere are undertaking a major pruning of their top and mid-level staff.

Trump’s Ominous Shadow Falls on Colleges in-BengaluruWith the H1B visas fast drying up, IT companies have to either accommodate those returning from the US or tighten the process of campus recruitment.

Added to all this, companies like Infosys are setting up units in the US with the promise of recruiting local talent. Infosys recently announced the setting up of a campus in US with the promise of recruiting 10,000 Americans.

All this would mean major trouble for IT students.

Sources say students graduating this year may be in for some heartburns and may have to settle for low level salary at entry level. But the maximum impact on campus recruitment would be seriously felt by students graduating next year.

Despite a dip, colleges say that this year’s recruitment programmes that close in June were not bad or a disaster. But nobody is ready to predict what would be in store for the batch that passes out in 2018.

Trump’s Ominous Shadow Falls on Colleges in-Bengaluru-Dayanand Sagar Institutions-News Time NowDayanand Sagar Institutions saw a dip of 5% in placements compared to last year. Next year the figures may go up to 10%-20% owing to increased recruitment of US-based employees. Reva University saw a dip of 20% this year itself.

Some recruiters say that entry level for IT grads may not be an issue though freshers may face a dip in their salary offerings. The tip of the pyramid, which has top-level employees, is generally the first to shrink but the base would always continue to grow.

Product and core companies have, however, maintained their levels of campus placement.

KS Sridhar, principal, PES Institute of Technology, was quoted in The Times of India as saying: “Product and core companies are already on board for the next recruitment season that begins in three to four months but we have still not received word from IT companies for next year. There may be some downturn but we’re yet to know what it’ll be like.”

Some colleges and deemed universities are seriously contemplating revising the curriculum for students based on what the industry wants from them. Automation, drones, robotics and internet of things are the emerging areas of interest for recruiters.

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