Techie in Hyderabad Live Streams Bedroom Acts with Wife

web-cam-Techie in Hyderabad Live Streams Bedroom Acts with Wife-News-Time Now

The police in Hyderabad have arrested a techie who live streamed bedroom acts with wife and uploaded the same on porn sites.

web-cam-Techie in Hyderabad Live Streams Bedroom Acts with Wife-News-Time NowIn a shocking case, the police in Hyderabad have arrested a sexual pervert techie who clandestinely captured sexual bedroom acts and uploaded the same on porn sites.

The incident came to light when a friend of the 28-year-old employed woman told her that she was seen in sexual acts on a porn site. That was six months ago and she promptly filed a complaint with the Cyberabad police.

The couple was seen watching a movie on the husband’s laptop but the wife didn’t realize that simultaneously their video was being recorded using the laptop camera, police said.

According to the police, the software engineer used to secretly record intimate moments with his wife and streaming them live on a porn site using his laptop.

While indulging in sexual acts, the techie played a film on the laptop at the same time to conceal the fact that the web cam was on. Also, he wanted his wife to look at the monitor so that the viewers watching the live stream would see her properly.

web-cam-Techie in Hyderabad Live Streams Bedroom Acts with Wife-News-Time NowBut the police were clueless on two counts: the man involved in the act cleverly hid his face and secondly, they did not have a clue as to who uploaded the scenes.

Finally, the sleuths of Cyber Crimes in Cyberabad were able to crack the case and arrested her husband last week. He was remanded to judicial custody.

“She initially thought it could be anyone in the world but not her husband. She believed that some stranger clandestinely recorded their private moments,” Cyber Crimes Assistant Commissioner of Police S. Jayaram told the media in Hyderabad.

But when she realised the truth, she separated from her husband.

As soon as the complaint was filed, the investigators got the video clip deleted from the porn site. The investigators then found that the clip was uploaded from Thrissur in Kerala. Tracking the internet protocol (IP) address, the police reached Thrissur.

web-cam-Techie in Hyderabad Live Streams Bedroom Acts with Wife-News-Time NowThe sleuths zeroed in on the person from whose connection the video was uploaded. But the man feigned innocence about the original video clip. “We were all members of an online porn watcher group. I recorded it when the visuals were being live streamed, and posted the same on another porn website,” he told interrogators.

The investigators were almost at the dead end when the realised two things: that the man in the video clip deliberately ensured he was not clearly visible. Secondly, there was no possibility of an outsider entering their bedroom.

The vital breakthrough came when the police could get their hands on a secret laptop of the techie. This laptop provided the police information that he had been visiting a lot of porn websites and had downloaded various clips. He also has accounts on porn streaming sites and escort service sites.

The husband confessed to his crime after interrogation. Police have also gathered technical evidence to prove that the video was live streamed from the laptop of the techie.

Upon being grilled, he admitted to his offence and said that he made near Rs 30,000 by streaming the video online.

However, for some strange reason, the police did not arrest the person who had uploaded the video from Thrissur. Provisions of the Information Technology Act make it clear that anyone exhibiting porn and uploading obscene content is liable for punishment.

The person who uploaded the video clip was identified and interrogated but not arrested.


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