Tamil Nadu Is In No Banana Republic

Tamil Nadu Is In No Banana Republic-News Time Now

There has been consistent demand and a chorus for the dismissal of the Palaniswamy Government in Tamil Nadu. But first probe the CDs and then take action.

Tamil Nadu Is In No Banana RepublicFor the past three days there has been a consistent demand to dismiss the E Palaniswamy government in Tamil Nadu following sting operations in which MLAs were seen being traded in political bazar for their support.

But Tamil Nadu is not in a banana republic where a state government can be dismissed based on two CDs. First let there be an enquiry by independent agency and then action can and should be taken if the evidences being aired on television channels are true.

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Today, Opposition leader M K Stalin and DMK staged a walk out, plunging the assembly into a crisis for the third day.

Tamil Nadu Is In No Banana Republic-News-Time NowThe `sale’ of MLAs by the two factions of the AIADMK once again rocked the Tamil Nadu Assembly with Stalin and the Congress smelling an opportunity to strike the AIADMK when the CD issue continues to be hot.

This is the third day when the assembly has witnessed turmoil. On the first day, Stalin and the DMK MLAs were thrown out of the assembly after they created a ruckus.

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The DMK has been demanding dissolution and dismissal of AIADMK government headed by E. Palaniswamy following a sting operation in which AIADMK MLAs were seen caught on camera discussing the money for each vote. Reports indicated that each MLA was offered Rs.4 crore for voting in favour of Palaniswamy. Since money was tight the MLAs were later offered gold.

Tamil Nadu Is In No Banana Republic-News Time NowHowever, a second CD showed how the O. Paneerselvam faction was caught on camera trying to purchase MLAs from the Palaniswamy camp.

Addressing the media today Stalin said that purchasable MLAs are ruling Tamil Nadu and that it is a blot on democracy. He demanded the immediate dismissal of the Paneerselvam government.

Stalin, you have a point, but that is not enough to dismiss a government.

Meanwhile, the BJP has been silent on the issue keeping in view that it needs the support of both the factions of the AIADMK in the Presidential election.

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