Taking Selfie in UAE can land you in jail

Taking Selfie in UAE can land you in jail

You should be extra careful while taking ‘selfie’ in U.A.E; otherwise you will land behind the bars and paying a hefty fine.

Taking Selfie in UAE can land you in jailSometimes, while taking selfies you may unintentionally film someone passing by or standing beside you. If he/she complaints you will be in trouble as taking a photograph of someone without their permission is regarded as an invasion of privacy by U.A.E federal law. A person found guilty can be jailed for not fewer than six months, impose a fine between Dh 150,000 and 500,000 or both. Expatriates are deported after the jail term.

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This became headline again after a selfie landed three women in trouble in Sharjah, U.A.E. Before a wedding function three Arab women visited a salon to get their make-up done. After the make-up they took a selfie with the three of them in the picture. Unwittingly a woman with GCC nationality had also been captured in the picture. The GCC national asked the women to delete that picture which was denied.  The argument soon led to brawl which left the GCC national with a fractured thump, minor cuts and bruises on her body.

Taking Selfie in UAE can land you in jailNot only taking pictures, one who breaches the privacy of other by listening to a conversation, recording or sharing a video clip faces jail, fine or both.

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