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CCTV Shows Delhi’s Burari Family Organised Their Own Hanging

CCTV footage shows how the Delhi family followed a ritual and organised their own hanging. New Delhi: While the mysterious deaths of 11 family members...

Delhi Suicides: Mysterious Godmen Emerge

The suicides of 11 members of a family in Delhi has taken a twist with mysterious godmen emerging. New Delhi: The death of 11 members...

Murder Or Occult Practice? Mystery Still Remains in Delhi Suicides

Daughter says it was murder, police suspect occult practice in Delhi suicides. New Delhi:  One of the daughters of the family, whose 11 members were...

Mysterious Suicides in Delhi Linked to ‘Mystical Practices’

Handwritten notes indicated family observed certain strange spiritual or mystical practises. New Delhi: The mysterious suicides of 11 people in Delhi has taken a twist....


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