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My New Hobby

I was introduced to the pleasures of knitting by my aunt Shanti. She is the youngest sibling in a family of 15...

Gaming provided relief during COVID lockdown, says new report

Before the lockdown, gaming was just another leisure activity for most people. However, it has now become a very prominent part of...

Pinarayi Vijayan is wrong, lockdowns do not help

After jumping the gun on community spread of Covid-19, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has threatened another lockdown as coronavirus cases breached the 1000 mark on Wednesday to end at 1,038.

Karnataka Does Away With Lockdowns

Bengaluru: A week-long shut down in Bengaluru will be lifted on Wednesday and, ending all speculations of an extension, Chief Minister BS...

Battle of the curves

It is said that there are three types of lies: Ordinary lies, damn lies and statistics. Well, there seems to be a battle of curves these days when it comes to statistics.


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