Shameless Cleric Takes U-turn, Says No to Pay Rs 10 lakh to Sonu Nigam


Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam tonsured his head after a fanatic cleric had promised Rs 10 lakh to anybody who would tonsure his head and garland him with old torn shoes. The shameless cleric has now taken a U-turn.

In response to Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam shaving his head, West Bengal cleric Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi, who challenged him to do so and promised Rs 10 lakh, has now taken a U-turn. The lame excuse he gave was that Sonu Nigam was not garlanded with old torn shoes.

The Quaderi is a shameless and spineless `darpok’ (coward) as they say in Bollywood. If he is a true Muslim and believes in Islam, he should keep up at least part of his promise.

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Quaderi, vice-president of the West Bengal Minority United Council, threw an open offer of Rs 10 lakh to anyone who would tonsure Sonu’s head and garland him with old torn shoes. A day after he made an open offer, the singer himself came out with a shaven head and asked him for the money as promised.

Shocked by Sonu’s response, Syed went on to add another demand and said the singer should also tour around the country with a garland of torn shoes. Frankly, it is the Quaderi who should be made to tour the country with garlands of torn shoes for putting up un-Islamic challenges and then not keeping up his words.

Shameless Cleric Takes U-turn, Says No to Pay Rs 10 lakh to Sonu Nigam-News Time NowAn agitated an aggressive Sonu Nigam, who spoke to the press on Wednesday, was seen with a clean-shaven head and said he was doing so to lay bare the “fanaticism” at the heart of the extreme response from Syed.

In fact, the barber who shaved his head, a Muslim, was also present at the press conference.

Sonu recently made a remark about the use of loudspeakers at 5 am for Azaan, a call for Muslim prayers, which sparked outrage among Muslims. Even though the singer went on to clarify that his problem was against the use of loudspeakers,  the Kolkata-based Syed Sha released a fatwa against the singer on Tuesday.

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Support poured in for Sonu Nigam from the Bollywood industry on Twitter and many applauded the move.  Many said he had done the right thing to shut fanatics and lunatics like the Bengal Quaderi.


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