Sandalwood Drugs Case: CCB Searches Kannada Actress Ragini Dwivedi’s House In Bengaluru

Sandalwood Drugs Case: CCB Searches Kannada Actor Ragini Dwivedi's Residence In Bengaluru

The Central Crime Branch (CCB) is conducting searches at Ragini Dwivedi’s house in Bengaluru in connection to the Sandalwood drug racket case.

The Central Crime Branch (CCB) is conducting raids in connection with the ongoing Sandalwood drug racket case at the home of Kannada actress Ragini Dwivedi. The raids began at 6.30 am today with six male policemen and one female Police. Ragini was called by CCB on 3 September, but the actress sent her advocates to appear before the authorities. In an Instagram post, she also wrote that she received a summons at a short notice, due to which she could not attend.

Ragini Dwivedi is present at her home in Bengaluru as the raid is in progress. She had changed her mobile phone yesterday and so the CCB approached the court for a search warrant. The court granted the warrant and the raid began on the morning of 4th September.

On 21 August, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) busted a drug racket in Karnataka and arrested several drug peddlers. In the diary of an accused, about 15 names of celebrities of Kannada film industry are mentioned.

A few days ago Ragini’s friend Ravi was arrested by the police. After questioning Ravi, CCB officials obtained information about the Kannada actress.

Ragini Dwivedi revealed on Instagram stories on Thursday why she cannot appear before CCB on 3 September. She further stated that She is committed to appear before them on Monday (7 September) morning.

Here are her posts:

After the CCB busted the drug racket, film director Indrajit Lankesh made some explosive statements and volunteered to expose celebrities. The CCB has decided to call Indrajit again and give him a chance to give evidence to back his claims.

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