Rescuing People Addicted and Caught in Today’s Messy Web

Rescuing People Addicted and Caught in Today’s Messy-Web-News Time Now

Psychologists are now increasing playing the role of cyber counsellors trying to rescue people who are addicted and caught in a messy world of web.

Rescuing People Addicted and Caught in Today’s Messy-Web-News Time NowWith internet and social media taking over lives, many youngsters have become addicts to the web and are falling prey to depression, divorce and feel a killing unease in their lives.

Some are so addicted that they become irritable and uninterested in family life. For many women who find themselves lonely, internet has become an addiction and in the process they chase friends, hope and dreams on the messy world of web.

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To their rescue, psychologists have now started wearing a cyber coat trying to rescue them through sustained counselling.

For example, one women had befriended a man on the social media and bonded with him. Without messages from him, she would feel lost and depressed. She even started stalking him.

Rescuing People Addicted and Caught in Today’s Messy-Web-News Time NowFinally, an online cyber psychologist did sustained counselling over a few months and she was rescued. Psychologists gave her a series of online etiquette and the danger of pinning all her faith or shoving all her feelings to a medium that cannot be trusted.

Her case was a cross between psychological distress and addictive Internet use.

A couple recently approached cyber psychologist as they were on the verge of divorce due to social media. The husband used to spend long hours at work and his wife soon started to feel bored and lost sitting all alone at home. She soon took to the net and kept herself busy chatting and playing games online.

She became so addicted that when the husband came back from work, she would just say a casual hi and get back to her phone chatting and playing games.

Addiction was earlier associated only with drugs, sex and alcohol. Virtual world is a new addition to this list that can `cook’ brains, bend minds and destroy lives. And addiction to the virtual world is destroying the real life in many. It is now recognised as a disease that can trigger depression and even lead to suicide.

Doctors in metros and in places where 4G has become cheap say the number of people seeking help with excessive cyber use and bullying had seen a “five time increase” over the last three years.

The rise in such cases is more in the 12 to 40-year-old groups. The net is used to overcome peer pressure, stress, relationship problems, boredom, loneliness and sexual urge.

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Rescuing People Addicted and Caught in Today’s Messy-Web-News Time Now

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