Rattled AIADMK Calls Rajini Joker, Kamal Coward

Rattled AIADMK Calls Rajini Joker, Kamal Coward

AIADMK nervous, calls Rajini joker, Kamal coward.

A rattled AIADMK today resorted to name calling terming Kamal Hassan as a coward and Rajinikant as a joker.

In a hard-hitting piece in the party’s mouthpiece ‘Namadhu Puratchi Talavai Amma’ that revealed the AIADMK’s nervousness, Kamal Hassan was called a coward because he did not have the courage to launch a political outfit when the party’s godmother and chief minister Jayalalithaa was alive. But this is like the pot calling the kettle black. Jaya was a cult figure and no minister or party functionary then had the guts to utter a word to her, let alone criticise her. All that they did was to fall at her feet.

So, can those who penned the article claim to be heroes? They were worse than cowards.

Rajinikant was called a joker because he is still dilly-dallying on launching a political party and does not know what to do. He often comes across as highly undecided and confused.

The AIADMK piece has come out at a time when the Edappadi Palanisami Government is facing dissatisfaction and criticism on lack of governance. The government is also at the receiving end at the way if handled the Thoothukudi and Salem incidents.

Actually by calling Kamal a coward and Rajini a joker, the AIADMK is holding a mirror to itself. The party has become a bunch of cowards and jokers. Cowards because they do not have the courage even to hold an Assembly session. Jokers because it is the ministers who are confused.

Rather than name calling, it is better that the EPS government gets down to governance. They better not display their fear through such stupid articles.


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